The Founder : Nina Chardin

© Valentine Jamis

I grew up in the Vosges countryside in a wooden house built by my father, surrounded by a family of beekeepers and craftsmen. I have always been sensitive to the beauty and impact of our living space. In love with nature, ecology is not a new subject and has always been at the heart of my approach. However, it took me a few years to combine these values with interior design.

I am a graduate of a preparatory class and a Master’s degree in Business School in Marketing and Communication. I believe in Ethical Marketing to make ecology more desirable and as a driver of more sustainable consumption. I spent two years in supermarket distribution in a position with multi-tasking responsibilities, enabling me to acquire practical skills in management, recruitment, management, customer relations and communication. After that, I decided to follow an additional design training course that would allow me to be as close as possible to the realities of design and manufacturing specific to companies.

In parallel, I launched what would become My Green Cocoon and I started a lot of research, writing articles, meetings, exchanges, sourcing, which allowed me to acquire a micro and macro vision of the market, the different actors, practices, materials, labels, but also the needs of companies and consumer demands.

The project : My Green Cocoon

The webzine Neena Lenka, eco-responsible decoration was born in a corner of my head in the fall of 2017, as a perfect balance between my passion for objects and our interiors; and for the need to restore meaning, respect, awareness, and pleasure too, in a neglected field. At that time, no one was talking about slow deco, and the notion of ecological decoration was still associated with something old-fashioned and not very interesting for the general public.

It was when I left the store of a very distracted decoration sign that the evidence came out. I bought organic, I took the path of homemade cosmetics, I preferred second-hand clothes,… so why not also apply this philosophy to decoration?

At that time, no one was talking about slow deco, and the notion of ecological decoration was still associated with something old-fashioned and not very interesting for the general public. I then decided to prove that an eco-responsible decoration without sacrificing beauty is possible.

Since then, Neena Lenka has continued to grow and evolve, through encounters, experiments and life giving birth to the Guide and Directory ebook project in October 2018. At that time, I was talking about eco-responsible decoration, but the term was still too undesirable and I opted for the notion of slow deco.

That’s when Neena Lenka became in order to give way to new concrete actions to expand the movement. In December 2018, the Slow Deco brand was registered by a third party who asked me to change the name of the site. My Green Cocoon was created in January 2019 and decided to take a step back and talk about slow decoration, the slow deco movement I initiated, but also slow, healthy & happy home.

At the end of 2018, I met different actors in Bordeaux and Gironde, I saw more and more ethical decoration brands being created, and the public’s interest in the theme grew. I am increasingly being asked to federate and speak with one voice, to gather, to gather, to gather, but also to inform and raise awareness. A professional project suddenly ends in early 2019, so I decide to expand My Green Cocoon and turn to companies in the sector and the existing community of enthusiasts to build a project that is really useful for everyone.

After months of reflection, the new My Green Cocoon website was launched in May 2019. Beyond the webzine, articles and inspirations, have now found a Green Cocoon mention, a specialized directory, Shopping-list and a Shop of products sorted by typology and style. This is only the beginning. My Green Cocoon is also working on the organisation of events and on a range of services dedicated to professionals.